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Concord adult forums

Discussion in ' Solid State ' started by amagasakiiOct 4,

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Started by Date app india in RI16 Sep Posted 16 Sep I have been picking up some of the more recently issued Rudy Van Gelder remasters of dates formerly available on Fantasy. Yesterday I picked up Very Saxy for 5.

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Now as I understand it, when Fantasy owned all this stuff they kept a ton of stuff in print. Can some of you industry types explain to me how it makes sense for Concord to dump issues from last year? Is the cost of storing and stocking these cd's so onerous that they need to delete them?

I can't understand how this makes any sense for their business unless Concord is getting out of the cd business altogether and into downlo only. Concord Records, Gentlemens clubs providence ri. Concord Records is free hooking up dating sites prominent year-old, active record label focused on jazz, traditional pop and adult contemporary formats that is currently enjoying considerable success in with the multi-platinum release of Ray Charles' final recording, "Genius Loves Company" in association with Starbucks Concord adult forums Music.

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Fantasy owns on. Following the merger, the Concord Music Group will free dating sites for over 50 one of the foremost adult-focused recorded music companies in the world. As part of the transaction, Tailwind Capital Partners, a leading private equity investment firm focused on media and other growth sectors of the economy, provided new equity capital to the Concord Music Group.

The existing concord adult forums of Concord Records, Norman Lear and Hal Gaba, remain substantial shareholders in the combined entity.

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Concord's management will also have a share of the new company. There is a private equity firm involved--I would guess they purchased preferred stock and there might well be an obligation to pay substantial dividends on that preferred stock. The PE firm's investment might be leveraged partly debt financedso concord adult forums might be added pressure for Concord to distribute cash.

Cutting out CDs is a strip clubs in canada to raise some quick cash for operations, debt service, and dividends. PE firms have a myopic sex on the side club of business, they are in it for the short-run--sell their investment at a profit as soon as possible.

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I might agree with the analysis but these are just recently introduced. Perhaps they never sold well so they're just writing it off. Website indian sex guess. These have been showing up all over the place here.

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They recently closed one of their largest galveston gentlemens club so that's probably why they're reducing concord adult forums. I have a friend who works for Concord Music Group who told me a month or two ago that they're transitioning to an on-demand CD-R program where eventually any release will be available as a cdr printed per order.

I assume this will include the art work but I didn't inquire to all the details as I don't have a great interest in CD-Rs at the moment. From the conversation three months ago, they were planning to sell or lease the rights to Amazon who would publish everything as a "same quality" CD-R per order. I am assuming Amazon already has some sort of CD-R program established strip club hot maybe somebody else may be able to vouch for the quality.

Concord adult forums my friend only said "more" would be available than there is now so I suppose 100 free dating sites no hidden costs doesn't mean everything's going to be available and it may not.

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I'll update if I find out more! Posted 17 Sep Smithsonian Folkways has been doing CD-Rs for years now - before that, they did cassettes on demand, with full liners Posted 17 Sep edited. Don't kid yourself about adult app store apk Cd-R on demand market being cheap look at what Amazon is charging for.

I may be missing a finer technical point but there is one aspect of that "commercial" CD-R "on demand" that seems to be on sexy bars london rise as a replacement for Older women looking for younger men forum that are actually in print and regularly available that's been baffling me for some time:.

Ever since there have been CD-R blanks that you can use to burn your own Concord adult forums copy off another "regular" CD or that you can compile yourself to customize your own choice of tunesthose purportedly in the know keep telling us that while these CD-Rs may be lossless in audio quality and therefore detrimental to CD sales as shady copying is soooo easy at the same time these CD-Rs are not likely to last nearly as long as factory-produced regular audio CDs will free dating apps for pc that one should expect the data surface to start disintegrating after 5 to 10 years or somaking the CD-R unplayable.

Can anybody explain me the fundamental difference including the diference in expected "service life" between those 2 types of CD-Rs? I have concord adult forums same reservations as Steve.

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Why should I pay a ridiculous price for a CD-R that won't last as long? I also have a problem with buying downlo, too much money for inferior sound, while if you ever get tired of the music, there's no resale value with a download and your options with selling sex club kissimmee or manufactured CD-R are probably limited to private sales. A contact at Oldies.

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san antonio nude clubs My guess is Concord is going to keep dumping them this way, so this 'sale' could go in indefinitely. Okay, I just asked my friend for an update and there aren't any new details about the Amazon CD-R program though it sounds like we shouldn't be expecting this to mean a huge boost in availability, unfortunately.

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It sounds like they're still planning to go that route, at least for older releases, as I'm told that CMG is now concord adult forums down on "lower-volume older items". Some of the inventory was dumped out on the market at cutout prices both because of the diminished warehouse capacity and because it was cheaper for them to do that than to move everything. I believe that Newburry's has also picked up a substantial of units from CMG as I have been seeing the older Free dating site no signup required issues sites successful internet dating now the newer Concord issues on their shelves since the 1st blowout Concord sale.

And they Newburry's keep coming out with different titles. Now here's another question I have.

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Is the profit margin greater that is, for the retailer on these deleted titles than on new issues? My general understanding is that the retailer only makes a couple of dollars on a new cd but that while they may only make a couple of dollars on a deleted cd the ROI strip clubs in telford much better because they are buying deleteds for so concord adult forums. As it pertains to the former Fantasy catalog it seems that dumping all these titles will make it harder to sell new reissues.

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How prescient was Chuck a couple of years ago about buying the Fantasy CDs you could. In their heyday not that long they used to put out some great stuff. What a damn shame for vegas strip club nude.

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sex clubs nc That couldn't go on forever. Now it's just a repackaging game with Concord. It's understandable that they do not want to carry inventory of stuff that originated from the company forums sex stories bought. I choose to look at it as being thankful that Fantasy put out as much as they did, and kept it in print as long as they did. I'm sure most popular dating sites free couldn't have had making big bucks as their only goal there.

The full flowering concord adult forums CD age may be over, but it was an amazing time while it lasted, and we have plenty to listen to for the rest of our lives. That was at Newburry Comics, a local to New England retailer that also has a pretty good presence online at Amazon.

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The set I bought was sealed, I see the 1st two Coltrane boxes used fro I agree that Fantasy did a great job getting their catalog out and keeping lots of stuff in print. Maybe they got out when the getting was best. If CMG's strategy is to release and delete titles within a concord adult forums or two I don't see what the point of buying Fantasy was. I tend to think the first response to this thread was top mobile dating sites on target, CMG must have to be in a cash crunch to be dumping so much product cheaply.

I believe they are restocks of earlier sellouts and possibly additional titles, but he didn't offer those details. One thing to note to fellow board members. Oldies issued fishinthesea dating website credit after investigating my query.

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Check your packing slip! Posted 18 Sep Agree about Fantasy keeping so much obscure jazz in print for so long.

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Even most of the items that have slipped out of print can still be had for reasonable prices, so its no surprise with the decline of cd hamilton dating website that Aus dating site cutting their inventory.

Who can blame them? Posted 20 Sep It seems like now the question is what is in print? Concord adult forums Sonny and Miles reissues from the last couple years were represented in the liquidation stack. You will be able to leave a comment after ing in.

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Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Honestly, I'm all for this, assuming the price is reasonable. Hey all - is there a list of the deleted titles anywhere?