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The need for strong, independent local journalism is more urgent than ever. Please support the city we love by ing Friends of Willamette Week. It's been a busy summer in the Portland sex scene.

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Unemployment Claims Soar to Record-Breaking 3. to mobofree dating site friend Permalink. My comfort zone was somewhere in Utah, perhaps, when I spent an evening at Club Sesso in downtown Portland last month. He and his wife had gotten a membership when they decided to open their relationship. I could do that. I could easily do that.

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Plus, Portland has always fascinated me.

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When I used to come here male strip clubs brockton usa ago, I noticed that it was the first city where almost every girl—dancer or stripper—was pierced or tattooed. I got her into an R-rated low-budget film about taxicab confessions. We were riding in a cab and wound up having sex.

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Is Club Sesso only for swingers? It allows for sex and fun forum normal date, too. You have a great buffet, great dancing, a nice bar, and you also have a place to go if you do want to get a little frisky with your date.

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Or boyfriend. Or husband. Or whatever.

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Do you worry about the reaction from your neighbors? Nothing is going to affect the public. Are there dating sites 50 legal hurdles you have to worry about? No one is paying for sex here. This place is like Studio 54—and then some.

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Will you have any involvement with the club in the future? I love the Portland zoo.

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They play music for it, and it starts shaking its head. It was so darn cute.

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